Hunting with Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen

Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen, Group CFO at STARK, and Abdulwaqi Rathore, volunteer at CFO Insights, went out hunting. Sisse shared some of her experiences as a CFO working with M&A and elaborated on issues such as post-deal impact.

CFOs Getting Hotdogs

We went with Steen Blaafalk (CFO, Saxo Bank) and Torben Carlsen (CFO, DFDS) for a hotdog and a chat.

Watch their discussions on the role of the modern CFO, their take on how to become CFO in a multinational company, and how to create value as a CFO.

The Race feat. Christian Baltzer (former Group CFO, Danske Bank)

We met with Group CFO at Danske Bank, Christian Baltzer, to challenge him with some difficult questions in an Aston Martin. Christian was part of CFO Insights 2018 and will take place as one of the keynotes for CFO Insights 2020 – the largest CFO conference in Northern Europe ever.

CFOs Getting Coffee

We partnered up with KPMG and did an interesting interview with Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen, Group CFO at STARK. Watch the video and find out what insights they shared. The concept was CFOs getting coffee.

Kayaking with Henrik Mulvad and Lasse Pilgaard

We went kayaking with Henrik Mulvad (CEO & Senior Partner at KPMG) and Lasse Pilgaard (SEVP, CFO at TDC Group). Listen as they talk about how TDC will focus on AI in the coming years and how it is to be a CFO today, in a time of many new technologies. 


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