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Claus Aagaard, Global CFO at Mars Inc.


Claus is the Group CFO of one of the largest privately held companies in the world, Mars Incorporated. Claus has extensive experience within F&B, pet food, and veterinary services, and is responsible for over 40$ billion dollars in sales. With his extensive experience, Claus will shine a light over what he thinks 2023 holds for both the economy, the finance function in general, and the CFO role specifically. Claus will come across various subjects including the current economic outlook, ESG, strategy, and much more. What better way to kick off the day!

Claus Aagaard

Global CFO

Our experts will cover: what are the “dos and dont’s” for a CFO in M&A, how can you as a CFO secure that M&A is value-adding for the company and what changes can be expected for the CFOs role in M&A going forward?

Kim Hendil Tegner

Equity Partner & CFO Program Lead

Thomas Johansen

Partner & CFO

Gert Jørgensen

Group CFO

What should you consider when thinking about centralizing finance within your company? And which functions should be centralized, what are the arguments against centralization, and when might it be a bad idea. Furthermore, what are the best tools for centralizing? E.g. should you build Centers of Intelligence, Shared Service Centers etc.

Allan Auning Hansen


Anders Lonning Skovgaard

Executive Vice President & CFO

Carsten Dyrup Revsbech

CFO, Norway

Thomas Dyhrberg Nielsen


Philipp Temmel

Partner & Head of Life Science & Chemicals

How do you organize your organization to best allow for successful business partnering, what are the common challenges when trying to establish an effective business partnership, and how do you resolve these, how do you utilize business partnering to optimize performance management and how can you factor in business partnering into your transformation strategy?

Lene Hall


Mette Ingeman Pedersen

Group CFO

Tina Hørbye Christensen

Group CFO

Marcin Nogalski

SVP Finance

In what area of the business do you see the best use case for analytics? E.g. in supply chain, operations, or sales, how can data analytics be used to drive forward commercial growth, and strengthen the value proposition and how do you transform your business to enable a greater use of data analytics?

Mette Hundebøl Nielsen


Christian Baltzer

Group CFO

Anders Boyer

Executive Vice President & Group CFO

Mads Dorf Petersen

Head of Strategic Finance

Niels Peter Larsen

CFO & Partner

Which areas of the business are the most crucial to automate, how much does an automated finance function affect overall efficiency in the company and how does it benefit you as a CFO to have an automated finance function?

Peter Nordgaard


Per Sørensen


Ann-Sofie Østberg Bjergby

Group CFO

Natalie Bates

SAP CoE Value Architect Manager

Tapan Kumar Dash

Technology Director

What are the possibilities of a transformation, and how do you align your goals with the state of your company, how do you structure and fund a digital transformation and what is the best practice for implementing a digital transformation, and how do you make sure that the organization, and its stakeholders are ready for it 

Michael Hjalsted

Senior Director

Peter La Cour Gormsen

Group CFO

Carsten Topholt

CFO, Denmark

Kasper Tjørntved Davidsen


Not many have experienced a career developement as rapid as Kasper’s. Being the Group CFO of one of the biggest stock-listed companies in the world, Kasper has gained significant experience within all of the finance subjects. With this in mind, Kasper will share his experiences with moving up the corporate ladder within finance as well how he uses the CFO role to become a strategic partner to the CEO and board. Kasper will include information about the current transformation of ISS.

Kasper Fangel

Executive Vice President & Group CFO

In what area of the business do you see the best use case for analytics? E.g. in supply chain, operations, or sales, how can data analytics be used to drive forward commercial growth, and strengthen the value proposition and how do you transform your business to enable a greater use of data analytics?

Jesper Schleimann

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

Jacob Götzsche

President & CEO

Nikolaj Wendelboe

Executive Vice President & CFO

Sanne Christensen

Finance Director

What should be the main digital focus for employees and managers, how do you work together with the CTO/CIO to provide proper upskilling and competencies for your employees and how do you structure an upskilling program in practice, and how extensive should a program be?

Morten Toft


Thomas Angelius

Global CIO

Jacob Lehman

Group CFO

Hans Henrik Thrane


Coop was Oracle EPM first mover in Denmark with both Consolidation & Close + Narrative Reporting, lessons learned by using Oracle in an SAP environment, Effective and efficient processes around closing and consolidation and the ability to deliver agile and captivating reports for the board and C-level

Mirella Hansen

Director of Group Finance

Stephen Faulkner

Global CFO Industry Lead

Carsten Lützhøft

Senior Director Process Digitalisation

1) When developing an ESG strategy, how do you make sure that your goals align with the governance “G-criteria” in ESG?

2) What are the key factors that can make an ESG strategy a good investment?

3) How do you make sure that your ESG efforts fuel growth?

Jens Pultz Pedersen


Henrik Aamann


Morten Agdrup

Vice President, Head of Corporate Finance & Strategy

Anne Mette Barfod

CFO - Global Head of Finance & Supply Chain

Mikael Geday

Group CFO

How uncertain times affected your forecasting, what are the benefits of scenario planning and rolling forecasting and how do you address the gap between planned actions, and what is actually being done to eliminate the “knowing-doing gap”

Toni Brandenhof


Curt Anderson

Director Nordics, UK & Benelux

Daniel Langfeldt

Head of Reporting & Forecasting

Björn Peters


Mads Winther

Group CFO


How CFO’s are increasing the success of digital initiatives.

Peter Harden

Country Manager, Denmark

We know what stellar business performance looks like today. What we’re really interested in is what it looks like tomorrow. Vice President of Sales & GM Nordic & Eastern Europe, Michael Zink will share the view on the next generation of business performance, including the latest developments in Execution Management and latest Celonis product innovations, and what this means for companies like yours.

Michael Zink

Vice President of Sales & GM Nordic & Eastern Europe

Henrik Andersen is the CEO of Vestas, the most sustainable company in the world. Henrik will be giving a keynote speech with the title “Leverage Opportunities In ESG To Secure Future Growth” at the 2022 CFO Insights Europe conference on September 15’th.

The keynote speech will address the following topics: How ESG affects the growth agenda, the energy transition the world is going through and how ESG links to the finance community

Henrik Andersen

President & CEO

What do you look for in people when hiring, and what competencies are you looking for in candidates? Have the relevant competencies changed, how do you scale an organization while focusing on utilizing digitalization and technology, and not people and how do you create an agile and efficient organization while experiencing rapid growth, and trying to scale as fast as possible

Rasmus Lønborg

Senior Vice President

Thorbjørn Lund-Poulsen


Stig Pastwa

Partner & COO

Mikael Koch Jensen

Group CFO

Where is Digitalization going? And where is Compliance and Reporting going? What are the future Global trends?

AI, Quantum Computing, RPA and the Impact on Global compliance and the requirements for Finance Functions will be covered in this Fireside-chat.

Kristian N. Stidsen

Partner | Head of Global Compliance & Reporting, Finance Operate & Transformation

Hans C. Jessen

Partner I Global Innovation Leader, Robotics & AI

How to establish a strategic procurement process, how to utilize technology to increase quality control and governance and how to leverage data to gain better insight in suppliers

Bo Møller

Head of Procurement

Kenneth Henriks

Group CFO

David Howie


Narcis Jørgensen

Head of Procurement

Henrik Larsen

Former Group CPO

Anders Wall is the Group CFO of Denmarks fastest growing greentech scale-up, Greenmobility. Greenmobility has shared electric cars all over big danish cities as well as big cities abroad. Anders will give his view on how to achieve esg objectives through a thorough focus on digitalization of traditional industries.

Anders Wall

Group CFO

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